~ weekend ~

Snapshots from the weekend.  Went on an amazing hike up to the top of the first flat iron and met my friend's new puppy Stella Luna.  Ugh, that face!!


a time...

A time to reflect, to move on.  A time to pick up things where they left off and a time to start all over again.  A time to discover passions.  A time to reconnect.  A time to be happy, to be grateful.

This past week I have been getting back into my rhythm here in Colorado.  I live in this beautiful house with some of my closest friends.  This house is filled with love and laughter.  Coming home at the end of the day and waking up to it in the morning is such a gift.  I feel good here.  This is where I'm meant to be for a while.


95 and sunny

Some Tuesday stills.  Came to terms with the fact that I am 100% addicted to iced tea.  I've been cutting out coffee since mid-July and now realize that I've been filling that empty void with iced tea... every day.  Oh well, ya win some ya lose (actually, win) some.


getting "glassy"

1. Decided it was a good idea to buy a vintage maxi dress online when I know for a fact it is going to arrive at my house the day I leave to go back to Colorado (i.e. Saturday).
2. Went to sell some clothes at Plato's and left with a glorious $18.26....
3. Saw glassware, candles, & fake flowers at Michael's and immediately got inspired to put together some d├ęcor for my new room.


//dreams & greens//

I was blessed with the most beautiful Saturday.  I took a stroll through my neighborhood and saw all of the surroundings that I had grown up in, in a whole other light.  Nature is seriously all around us, we just have to know where to look and where to focus our attention on.  Spent the night drinking margaritas and eating homemade guac with my aunt who transformed her patio into this lush garden of greens and candles.  We watched the sun set and sat in the presence of candle light and silence around us, just talking about dreams, love, hardship.  What an amazing day; I couldn't have asked for anything better.


ny fever

New York is interesting because every time I visit, something feels different.  One of my favorite days of the weekend: running through the flea market in Union Square to catch the subway, visiting the Museum of Art & Design, spending hours laying under the sun in Central Park with thousands of other New Yorkers + visitors.  Shoutout to my amazing and loving cousin for planning such a wonderful trip.